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Pink Sugar
VR Goggles


We work with awesome people who share our passion for delivering impactful, sonic experiences. Equipped with creative strategy inspired by theatrical design process, we dive deep and build immersive worlds through sound and music.  Polycarpic Media is a one stop boutique for your sound and music production needs.

We boast a fully licensed library of some of the best sampled instruments available to composers today.  From deep-sampled pianos to lush choirs, cinematic strings, epic percussion ensembles and fully analog synthesizers, our instrument library, combined with thoughtful research, field recording and production, helps us sculpt cues for every experience.


"Texture is not composed like a wall out of bricks but like a fabric out of threads..."

 /Hans Thies Lehmann/


World building: thread by thread. 



The pitch phase is making sure we're a good fit. The breadth of our sonic capabilities is vast and difficult to distill into a short demo. We've curated cues and music from projects and organized them into themes to give us something tangible to talk about. While this doesn't cover everything, it does give you an idea of what we enjoy making. Our specialty is modern, cinematic and lush with texture.



Our first audible delivery is a private web page inspired by our creative meetings. Identifying the key themes, textures and areas to play and explore are all key. Think of this as an audio mood board designed specifically for your project.  We will establish what textures are important, what types of instruments should be used and ultimately how different spaces will talk to one another. 



The discovery board becomes a creative compass to guide all sonic decision making. While there may be room for happy surprises, the ultimate 'feel' and 'vibe' of the entire experience will have already been defined. Now it's a matter of making sure it feels right in the space. Depending on timing and location, we can visit on site to offer guidance and feedback on the implementation. 

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